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Let us discuss about the manufacturing process of the world famous leather bags. Everybody knows about the trendiness and attractiveness of the leather bag but very few know about the working process that are carried out to create the luxury handbags.

The following piece of content will let you know the entrie involvment and hence help you to better understand commitment, craftsmanship and dedication involved in the artisans' process. You will know the passion involved in cutting out the leather to give the finishing touches that adorn the look of the final product.

Off-course some of the technical process has been missed but at last you will get an informative knowledge about the creation process of leather handbags.

Generally leather handbags are created by hand without the involvement of any machines. Of-course, simple sewing machines are used and that too to give final touch, The artisans bring their vocation and commitment live to produce a beautiful bag.

The designers are the initiator who initiates the project. They design the model, taking motivation from the lastest trends and fashion. Colors and styles are also inculcated by the same. The design should fulfill the women need and should also retain the touch of elegance and originality.

Second comes the use of exotic leather that will constitute the leather handbag. The leather of python, ostrich are soft, so bags made with these leathers have soft design. However leather handbags made with the skin of crocodile or alligator demands for more structured bags as these are firm and hard. The desin is largely based upon the skin used because it would really be difficult if skin is python is used for hard and firm design and vice versa. When designer have submitted the design head leather craftsman decides the most suitable one. The lucky design is finally given the green light and the manufacturing work starts for the new collection.

The prototype of the bag is made in paper. This gives the brief idea of the look and feel of the bag. Here the future of the bag is seen in the form of paper. Once it is finalized the cutting of leather starts taking place. Leather cutters are the professionals who carry these jobs. The task is very tough and requires rich experience as it should be very precise. A little mistake attracts lot wastage of money.

The leather need to be cut in a way so that it resembles Designer handbags original concept. Later stitching is also done with the same spirit. The process of stitching is carried by banconista also known as assembler. He also needs to have a good experience. The sewing is far different from fabric sewing as wrong sewing may attract permanet mark. This may further devalue the lavish leather. The leather products are expensive and hence each details need to be care about to give the market a piece that shows variance, color and interest of people.